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1. What are the causes of pavement deterioration?

Asphalt problems arise in various manners including raveling, cracking, alligatoring and potholes. There are several different factors that contribute to these problems: Ultra-violet rays, expansion and contraction, water, freeze and thaw cycles, frost heave, fuel spills, heavy vehicle traffic and aging.

2. How soon can I drive on newly surfaced pavement? 

Typically you can drive on most surfaces within one to three hours. We advise that you drive slow and do not turn your wheels unless your vehicle is moving. If Crack Sealing was done, you can drive on it within 15 to 20 minutes. 

3. How will I know when you start construction on my street?

'No-Parking' signs will be placed on your street.

4. How will I know when construction is completed?

When signs have been removed, construction is finished.

5. What if I get asphalt on my car or in my house?

Fresh, soap and water will remove it; otherwise a citrus-based cleaner will work. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners.

6. ‘No Parking' signs were set on my street, but no work was done! Why?

Weather, especially rain and other types of weather can delay work. The signs will remain in place until we can begin work.

7. I still notice loose rocks and oily spots after a few weeks of construction. Why is that?

Again, on very hot days the asphalt will soften and cause oily spots and loose rocks from turning traffic. The overnight coolness and the onset of cooler weather will eliminate this situation.